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UFC 129 Main Card Preview

Written on April 17, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With UFC 129 fast approaching, here is Fighting Insider's preview and prediction for the event's main card.

After Fighting Insider gave your the for ’s preliminary card, let’s talk about the . Will the champions remain? Or will UFC herald a new king?

vs Ben Henderson

This is an important fight for Ben Henderson, since now is his chance to showcase that he is far more than a blip on Showtime’s highlight reel. Mark Bocek, on the other hand, could put himself into a fringe title contention if he makes a slick finish here. However, the relentless and smooth Ben Henderson will probably make this a difficult match for him. In the end, Mark Bocek must spend ample time to take control and garner a narrow decision victory over his opponent.

Loyoto Machida vs

It is tough to cut Randy Couture out after he succeeded a lot of times. However, there’s a possibility that ’s strong command of distance and quality grappling can prevent The Natural from getting an early success. He will be able to hit significant strikes on Randy Couture, bringing him on the mat with a ground and pound.

vs Jason Brilz

Due to injury, Jason Brilz was unable to capitalize on his supposed biggest career opportunity. Hence, he has a lot to prove in this match. But Vladimir Matyushenko is not a pushover, so expect a lot of fists thrown from both fighters. And if Jason Brilz smartly fights, he can acquire a victory here.


Both fighters are great featherweight. And although Mark Hominick can give Jose Aldo a competitive first round, the featherweight champ proven himself to be very dangerous. That said, he can defeat The Machine with a rear naked choke.


Jake Shields will show his heart and will to take the welterweight championship belt from George St-Pierre. However, he will not have the tool to accomplish it. GSP will hurt him standing and will simply overwhelm him. George St-Pierre will definitely win this fight via stoppage.

What are your own fearless forecast for the UFC 129 main card? Share it by leaving a comment.

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    looking fwd to watching Randy Couture own Machida.

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