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Nick Diaz Reworks Contract in Strikeforce

Written on April 15, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Nick Diaz is not leaving MMA. But until he finds a worthy opponent, he might face Jeff Lacy in a boxing match.

Though Strikeforce welterweight champ – NIck Diaz – is not retiring in MMA, he sees a bleak future in his division. That said, his camp is angling for opportunities outside the sport in case no one within are interesting. In fact, ’s coach – Cesar Gracie – is working to book the fighter in a match against Jeff Lacy. And it could be feasible since Nick Diaz has reworked his MMA contract.

However, Nick Diaz is not signing a new contract that bears the Forza name — a limited-liability company owned by . Good thing though, the principal clauses of Nick Diaz’s previous contract was revamped. Last December, the fighter signed a multi-fight agreement in Strikeforce which allows him a boxing fight. However, the fighter complains that the promotion is not compensating him well enough and overloads his schedule.

Meanwhile, Cesar Gracie believes that the fighter can be swayed back to MMA via middleweight trip in either Strikeforce or . He also added that middleweight champion, , is someone whom Nick Diaz would drop everything to fight. He also mentioned Thiago Alves as an interesting challenge. The coach said that he’s in negotiation with Zuffa LLC about Nick Diaz’s career direction, but hasn’t spoken to Strikeforce CEO – Scott Coker – on recent developments.

What do you think should be Nick Diaz’s next challenge?

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