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TUF 13 Episode 3 Recap

Written on April 14, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Espionage and emotions filled this week's TUF 13 episode. And with the 1-1 score, whose team will take the lead? Check out Fighting Insider's episode 3 recap.

The third episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 13 started with meeting his team at the TUF Training Center. The coach expressed his concern that hist first-round pick – – doesn’t seem motivated. Hence, he assembled the troops after an outdoor workout session, explaining that they were among the many unknown fighters that became the chicken salad. Simply put, Brock Lesnar implores his members to stay motivated.

After that, and his team arrives for its session. The cast members are a bit concern on who’s going to replace Keon Caldwell, who left the show in the previous episode. Then came the Randy Couture lookalike, Justin Edwards. He is a one-time Bellator fighter with a 5-0 record courtesy of first-round stoppages.

Soon, it was fight-announcement time with Brock Lesnar taking the center stage. He chose his team’s Len Bentley against .

Back at the house, saw Chris Cope talking too much with Team Dos Santos. Hence, Len Bentley said that he’ll talk with Brock Lesnar and other coaches about it. Still, the fighter is skeptical with Chris Cope’s tactics. Len Bentley thinks that his teammate is either an undercover who tries to fish for information, or maybe he’s playing both sides. But true to his words, Len Bentley opened the matter privately to Brock Lesnar the next day during their training session. However, the coach reiterated that he must concentrate on Ryan.

During the following Team Dos Santos session, assistant coach – Lew Polley – told Junior Dos Santos that he wants all fighters rotated between training spots for 15-minute segments. With this, the head coach was a bit irked. Good thing, they’ve peacefully settled things down and everything is now under control in their turf. But four hours before the weigh-ins, the team realized that Ryan McGillivray is ten pounds over the welterweight limit. Hence, the team helped Ryan to shed off the excess pounds afterwards. Soon, both Len Bentley and Ryan McGillivray made it to the 170-pound cut during the official weigh-in.

Both fighters were equally calm back at the house, but were nervous once at the training center. Soon, it was fight time.

Len Bentley and Ryan McGillivray work jabs as soon as the bell rang. Then the former hits a nice shot. The two of them tried to hit and capture each other, until the latter turtles to avoid punches. However, Len Bentley’s elbows are getting through. But Ryan McGillivray was able to pull into full guard, briefly slowing the attack. Team Lesnar’s fighter backs away and calls for his opponent to stand. They restart with Ryan McGillivray rattling his opponent hard with kicks, elbows and punches. The first round ended with Ryan McGillivray choking Len Bentley after the latter executed an armbar. Unfortunately, they proceeded to next round without a settled score for the previous frame.

The second round was a circle of punches, elbows, kicks and taking the fight either on the mat or standing. But Ryan McGillivray finishes the round with a solid combo of lunging shots. After some deliberations, it was announced that Ryan McGillivray gave Team Dos Santos a 2-1 lead via majority-decision win. Len Bentley, on the other hand, was disappointed although he’s now a leading candidate for wild-card.

With the fantastic fight and emotional end, the latest episode is now in the books.


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