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Chael Sonnen Talks in The MMA Hour

Written on April 12, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Chael Sonnen is back! Well, not quite. He's still serving his suspension, but the contender is definitely back in his old self of being a big mouth.

During the Monday edition of The , middleweight contender – – talked solemnly for 30 minutes about the state of his career and his attempts to revive it. But when the topic shifted to the current status of the sport, he became the sound bite machine that everyone is so familiar with.

Chael Sonnen praised the new UFC light heavyweight champion, , and blasted the rest of the division for what he deems to be their unwillingness to face their new king. He even admitted of looking forward to a rematch against when he returns. However, Chael Sonnen has some work ahead of him before gaining another shot for the title.

First, he needs to apply a second license in Nevada and he would likely have at least one match before becoming a title contender again. But by that time, there is a high possibility that fans are preparing to see a . Nevertheless, it didn’t stop Chael Sonnen from being chatty.

“GSP is going to need the shot. GSP is going to lose his welterweight championship in T-minus 20 days to . So I hope GSP does get the shot. It’s going to be the only way he’ll get a championship, because he’s not going to have one after is in that weight.”

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