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TUF 13 Episode 2 Recap

Written on April 07, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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In this week's episode of TUF 13, Team Dos Santos' Javier Torres takes on Team Lesnar's Chris Cope. Whose score will improve this time?

In this week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter season 13, Junior Dos Santos immediately launches into an intense workout. Unfortunately, his member – Keon Caldwell – struggles to keep up, making a dash to the bathroom to vomit. The fighter admitted that being away from his family is tough, and the workouts are not helping. On the other side of the fence, drills his team members with a skill that many of his fighters lack — wrestling. More over, ’s Charlie Radar knows how imperative it is for their team to win this time.

The next day, Keon Caldwell informs that he’s going home. Although in disbelief, the coach and the UFC President – Dana White – encouraged him to stick around. Then everything went back to normal. Following that, both teams met at the training center to announce the next fight: vs Team Lesnar’s . That said, Brock Lesnar understands that Junior Dos Santos is putting its team’s cream of the crop against his weaker fighters. The former then sits down with his troops and discusses their first loss, hoping that the tale will serve as an inspiration for the underdog team member.

For both Javier Torres and Chris Cope, their run is very important. The former has a kid on the way, while the latter reads a letter from his very supportive girlfriend. But despite of if all, the day ended with a sour note. Keon Caldwell still asserted with Junior Dos Santos that he’s decided to leave the show. And though the coach didn’t agree, he still gave the fighter a hug and bade him farewell. The next day, it was fight day.

Officiated by Referee Herb Dean, the match started with Javier Torres winning the first round. But during the next frame, Chris Cope strikes first with a punch. The second round ended with Chris Cope taking it. With the match ending to a draw, both fighters headed to a tie-breaking third round.

With Team Lesnar’s fighter coming in fresh and active, Chris Cope lands an inside leg kick. Both fighters exchange shots, clinches and punches. Referee Herb Dean made a quick timeout when Chris Cope’s knee landed on Javier Torres’ groin. But after the bout restarted, the Team Lesnar fighter lands a nice right and a nearly head kick. The round ended with Chris Cope gaining a unanimous win.

And with that, TUF 13’s  record is now 1-1


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