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TUF 13 Episode 1 Recap

Written on March 31, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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The Ultimate Fighter season 13 kicks off last Wednesday, as Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos picked their team members. Whose team got the first score? Check out Fighting Insider's TUF 13 recap.

Welcome to Fighting Insider’s first episode of The Ultimated Fighter season 13! is an all-welterweight season, featuring UFC Heavyweight contenders – and – as coaches.

UFC President, , greets the contestants and announced that the elimination round was axed. However, he added that the “wild-card fight” is sticking around. At the audition process, the fighters worked out while Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos get a feel of what they have available to them. After that, the coaches head to a private meeting with to pick their team members.

Dana White returns to face the hopeful MMA fighters, who were fresh from the shower, and announced the lucky team members. And they include the following:

1. Len Bentley
2. Charlie Rader
4. Clay Harvison
5. Myles Jury
6. Chris Cope

2. Ryan McGillivray
3. Javier Torres
4. Ramsey Nijem
5. Zach Davis
6. Mick Bowman
7. Keon Caldwell

That said, the TUF 13 coaches and cast members head off to their new home for the next eight weeks.

During their first session, Juniors Dos Santos is happy to get the first fight booking. Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, was worried that Myles Jury – who happened to injure his knee during a rolling session – will be picked first for tomorrow’s fight. Due to the team member’s current situation, he and Brock Lesnar met with Dr. Jeffrey Davidson who broke out the bad news — Myles Jury is not advised to fight. In a bit of disbelief, the fighter bids his farewell to his teammates. On a lighter note, Chuck O’Neil happily took his post.

Team Lesnar and Team Dos Santos soon met for the first fight announcement: Shamar Bailey of Team Dos Santos vs Nordin Asrih of Team Lesnar. The next morning, they were off to the training center for the first TUF 13 fight.

During the first round, Shamar Bailey scored a quick single-leg takedown and wrestles Nordin Asrih on the mat. The former’s ground game was too much for the latter, that the judges declared Shamar Bailey as the winner. With Team Dos Santos up to 1-0, TUF 13’s first episode is now written in the MMA history.


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