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Strikeforce: Implementing Elbows to the Head on the Ground

Written on March 15, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With Strikeforce having a new parent company, they are now implementing one new rule -- the elbows to the head on the ground.

After Zuffa purchased Strikeforce, insisted that the San Jose, California-based promotion will remain “business as usual”. However, will carry out one changed rule — elbows to the .

According to Chairman and CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta, Strikeforce will abide all of the in that the UFC carries out. That said, the significant difference between UFC and Strikeforce will now go away by allowing the elbows to the head on the ground. Further more, the change of rules will make a big shift for fighters who were not accustomed to defend against elbows to the head on the ground.

Can this change brings Strikeforce and its fighter for the better? Let your opinions be heard by leaving a comment.

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