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“I’m Not Afraid to Fight.” — Rashad Evans

Written on March 05, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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"You have people saying I was scared to fight.... man I'm a fighter, that's what I do." --- Rashad Evans

made a firm decision to wait for a title shot versus Mauricio . Insisting that it was a business call, he was at the sideline for the last ten months after he decided to wait for Shogun Rua to recover from a knee injury. Rashad Evans would want that, rather than risking his status as the number one light heavyweight contender. Unfortunately, his decision back fired when he acquired a knee injury of his own.

That incident forced him to back out at the main card. Worse, Rashad Evans is seeing his road to the top blocked by a good friend — . will be replacing him at the upcoming event, and will face Shogun Rua in a title match. And though he is accused of being lazy, money driven, and coward, the TUF 2 winner insists that nothing could be further from the truth.

“I got hurt in a freak accident while I was training for the title bout so it’s just something that happened. It probably couldn’t have happened another one in a million times but it happened to me and with no time to spare.”

Justifying his reasons, Rashad Evans revealed that he will refuse whoever fighter UFC puts in front of him.

“Every guy on the UFC roster is a tough guy. But what separates tough guys into different levels? It comes down to how smart you are and the choices that you make.

“You have people saying I was scared to fight…. man I’m a fighter, that’s what I do. Plus I don’t think there is anybody out there that can whoop me so what am I afraid of? I’ve fought some of the best guys in my time and era. I train with the best guys in my time and era so there is nothing that anyone is going to do inside of that cage that I have not seen before.”

And though he can move to heavyweight or middleweight, he will most likely stay at 205 lbs. However, he is not desperate to directly have a title shot.

“I think I’m next in line but here is the reality of the situation. I’ve put myself in a place where when I do fight again I will have been out a little over a year. So now the question is do I go in there and fight for the title because that was where I was at before I got hurt or do I take at least one non-title fight to make sure that I’m sharp and on point when I get my title shot?

“That’s the situation I’m in. Before I got hurt I was the number one contender and ready to go but now I’ll be out over a year and if that’s something that I need to prove again I will. Because there is no sense in saying you are the number one contender when you really aren’t at that level at the time. I would rather take a fight to get back and make sure I’m sharp.”

So, do you think he really is afraid to fight? Share your thoughts be heard by leaving a comment.

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