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Expected Matches After UFC 127

Written on March 05, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With UFC 127 already over, people are now making their own match-ups. What matches would fans want to see after UFC 127?

With the tactical 15-minute match between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch at UFC 127 ending in a majority draw, the result left more questions than answers. And both fighters still have a vague path before them. Jon Fitch, who aims to have a against George St-Pierre, may still find himself on the outside looking in. But BJ Penn has even more uncertainty around him. He lost two consecutive , and his draw against Jon Fitch has prolonged the drought.

What lies ahead for the both of them? That is a mystery yet to be unfold. For the mean time, check out five that fans would like to see .

1. Rematch

Let MMA fans cross their fingers that BJ Penn and Jon Fitch will have a rematch, probably this summer. A draw match like this definitely needs to be settled. And if GSP happens to leave his title post for the Silva vs GSP super-fight, the UFC has a title bout on the go.

2. vs

Michael Bisping emerged as an excellent middleweight fighter after defeating Jorge Rivera at UFC 127. Demian Maia, on the other hand, is considered as one of the best ground fighters. This is the kind of contender that Michael Bisping needs to push his way up to higher echelons of the 185-pound division.

3. Dennis Siver vs Evan Dunham

After his unanimous decision win over at UFC 127, Dennis Siver threw a monkey wrench into the lightweight division. Evan Dunham possesses the same skills that has, albeit he proved that he is a superior wrestler and striker.

4. Brian Ebersole vs Carlos Condit

Though Brian Ebersole was tapped late to replace the injured Carlos Condit, he surely made the most of the opportunity presented to him in the UFC 127. And compared to most newcomers. he seems well-prepared and seasoned by battles. In case Carlos Condit needs a suitable challenger for his return, Brian Ebersole is the worthy one.

5. Kyle Noke vs Court McGee

Kyle Noke and Court McGee never met during their time in TUF 11. And as of the moment, Kyle Noke is unbeaten in three UFC appearances. With Court McGee yet to defend his seven-fight winning streak, Kyle Noke can be a commendable opponent.

What other matches would you like to see after UFC 127? Share your answers at the comment box.


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