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UFC 127 Post-fight Analysis: It’s NOT a Draw

Written on February 28, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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UFC 127 already ended, but fans are still screaming, "Jon Fitch deserves to win!" Are you one of them?

If you let the people – who are not a fan of MMA – watch the , they would say that won the battle last Saturday. Unfortunately, it’s the judges’ job to decide who won. And the last Saturday’s brawl resulted to a draw according to two of the three umpires.

It seems that people, MMA fan or not, would have done a better job of judging than the pros — and that is an unfortunate fact. That said, Jon Fitch deserves a decision win at UFC 127. In addition to this, ending the match to a draw is a collaboration of facts that MMA has bad judges and wrong judging criteria.

Simply put, the UFC 127 match gave people another reason why the MMA needs judging reform. Perhaps, UFC President – – would listen.

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