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UFC 127 Prefight Interview: Chris Lytle & the Punches in his Career

Written on February 26, 2011 by John Paul Vill

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The world is round, and Chris Lytle learns to roll with it.

’s career isn’t as smooth sailing as other fighters in the Octagon. He’s gone with some losses and came back with victories. However, he provided an exciting addition to the fight card. Every time he tries to embrace some opportunity, it walks away.

As of the moment, he’s on the run with a four-fight winning streak which should be a six-win streak if not for Marcus Davis. Apparently, he was slated to face Carlos Condit this weekend at : Penn vs. Fitch. However, fate played again with him when the latter was forced to back-out from the card due to some knee injury. Lytle was then matched-up with Brian Ebersole.

For 12 years, Lytle has proved his reliability and strive to be a great fighter. Watch this brief video as he talks about this last-minute switch and how he expects from Ebersole:

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