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UFC 127 Betting Odds

Written on February 25, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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UFC 127 will kick off just a couple of hours from now. So before anything else, let's look at how the crafty Internet bookmakers see things shaking out.

Albeit the Aussies seem to live in the future since they are a day ahead in the US, for the Penn vs Fitch event hasn’t change that much. Good thing, the odd-makers who set the betting lines are still in their cozy off shore locations. That said, check out the below.

Kyle Noke (-225) vs. Chris Camozzi (+185)

Compare to Chris Camozzi, Kyle Noke has more quality fight experience. However, Camozzi is consistently improving every time he appears inside the Octagon. His best chance to defeat Noke is to keep the Australian fighter in defense first hand, and make him stay that way.

Chris Lytle (-270) vs. Brian Ebersole (+210)

Brian Ebersole has more than sixty fights on his record, but he won’t be able to get to that point without learning a few tricks. Chris Lytle, on the other hand, is a better boxer with an impressive submissions.

(-500) vs. Dennis Siver (+300)

Though Dennis Siver seems to have a drawing power of his own, his chances of winning are pretty slim. And albeit he’s a tough guy, he is undersized and over-matched against George Sotiropoulos. Still, the million dollar question is: Can George Sotiropoulos finish Dennis Siver?

(-325) vs. Jorge Rivera (+250)

With Jorge Rivera’s hilarious YouTube videos successfully getting under Michael Bisping’s skin, the Count is all riled out. And that might have been the smartest thing El Conquistador ever did. It’s obvious that whenever Michael Bisping gets mad, he tries to come right at his opponent to knock him off. And if he’ll do such thing to Jorge Rivera, he’ll be playing into his opponent’s hands. But nevertheless, Jorge Rivera will look foolish in case he lose the brawl.

B.J. Penn (+160) vs. (-200)

admits that he’ll be undersized against Jon Fitch. In addition to this, the latter’s whole game is built on takedowns and top control — an area wherein the former is struggling. That said, it’ll be a wonder how The Prodigy plans to win this fight.

Now that the betting odds and some fight are in, are your ready to parlay?

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