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MMA Diet 101: An Introduction

Written on February 19, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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If you intend to become a professional MMA fighter, a healthy body is a must. And being healthy starts with eating the right and real stuff.

In this new weekly series of Fighting Insider, we are not going to give you another diet fad. No brand supplements will be endorsed, and this will definitely not prescribe a particular diet plan. Instead, this Diet series will be a simple guide in making healthier choices. Fighting Insider’s Diet 101 will provide a simply stated, practical and applicable nutritional advice that is supported by modern-day science.

While many MMA fighters surround themselves with the best training partners they can find, eating is less seriously viewed as their time in the squat rack or on the mat. They take every precaution in training, push themselves to their physical limits, research training routines and their conditioning coach’s credentials, but do they eat right?

A serious MMA fighter calculates every variable of their life to improve in the sport. It includes the fight camp that suits them, their ideal weight class, and the time they spend in training and in rest. However, a fighter’s diet often do not receive enough attention. The sphere of MMA is sometimes full of misguiding information, making it difficult for a fighter to distinguished the real from fraud.

More often than not, a MMA fighter’s nutritional information comes from repetitive TV commercials, featuring muscular athletes and sponsoring some supplements or meal plan. The advertisement that appears over and over can become persuasive, then a MMA fighter will shell out money for a container of some powdered concoction. After that, they will probably mix it with milk and will become their quick breakfast. Sooner or later, it will replace their daily meals. In the long run, this expensive cycle will be formed while robbing a fighter’s body all the beneficial properties that a real food can offer.

Albeit it is true that preparing meals can be time-consuming, there are some processes that can speed things up. Simple, fast, yet healthy. And you can catch them all up here in Fighting Insider starting next week.


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