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Dan Lauzon, Stabbed Outside Boston-area Nightclub

Written on February 18, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Dan Lauzon is recovering today after being stabbed in the shoulder, following an altercation early Thursday morning outside a Boston-area nightclub.

According to an initial report from the Enterprise News, ex-UFC lightweight – – was stabbed with a knife on top of his shoulder. He incurred the injury at around 1 am ET, during a fight with a group of men in a club’s parking lot somewhere in Boston. And though ’s name was removed from the police report afterwards, his brother and current UFC lightweight fighter – – confirmed the incident on his personal blog.

Joe Lauzon was due to depart for Iraq last Thursday morning to visit active-duty troops. Unfortunately, he injured his ankle on the way to Hospital where Dan Lauzon was taken after the incident. According to Joe Lauzon: “I got to the hospital and gimp-walked my way into the ER and found Dan in one of the rooms. Luckily, everything was OK, and it wasn’t a big deal as was originally thought.”

Dan Lauzon is now recovering from a stabbed shoulder, while the Bridgwater police are investigating the occurrence. Furthermore, Joe Lauzon’s trip is now delayed while his ankle heals from a bad sprain.

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