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Basic Muay Thai for Beginners: Knee Strikes

Written on February 13, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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In this week's edition of Basic Muay Thai for Beginners, Fighting Insider is giving you the most common knee strikes used in Muay Thai. Are you ready for another set of Muay Thai action?

Aside from elbows, knee strikes also set apart from other styles of kickboxing, like American kick boxing and French Savate. The knee strikes are a staple in . The common knee strikes used are straight knee, side knee and jumping or flying side knee. Some, if not all of these, generally targets the midsection, head or legs of an opponent.

A knee strike can cause serious damage. It can be so dangerous, that even a straight knee can execute the same power of a car going 35mph and crashing to a brick wall! Both side knees and straight knees are useful in the clinch. More over, the straight knee is also useful within punching range.

So to know how these knee strikes are done, check out the videos below.

1. Straight and Side Knee

2. Jumping or Flying Knee


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