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Strikeforce: Fedor vs Silva Predictions

Written on February 11, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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With Strikeforce's Heavyweight Quarterfinal Tournament fast approaching, more and more picks and predictions are coming out. And obviously, Fighting Insider is going with the flow.

This coming Saturday, ’s most buzzed heavyweight tournament will take action. The event will begin with two of the four quarterfinal bouts, taking place on a five-fight card. But before anything else, below are the : vs and .

Just a word of warning, though. Your opinion might be different from what will be stated below.

Valentijn Overeem vs Ray Sefo

Valentijn Overeem is the older and less accomplished brother of Alistair Overeem. Ray Sefo, on the other hand, is a former K-1 kickboxing star who’s serious in giving MMA a spin. If their fight ever goes on the mat, Valentijn Overeem might find it easy to submit Ray Sefo — and it can be possible.

Chad Griggs vs Gian Villante

Though Chad Griggs looks like an easy win for Bobby Lashley last year, the audience were surprised on how the former pulled out the upset. And now that Chad Griggs will take on Gian Villante, their bout can be a hard fight to call. However, there is a possibility that Chad Griggs can win after what he did with Lashley. It only means that he does not crumble in the face of adversity.

Shane Del Rosario vs Lavar Johnson

Shane Del Rosario carries a 10-0 record in his resume, and is considered as one of the best young heavyweights in MMA. However, he will be facing the biggest threat in Lavar Johnson. But although a heavy hitter, Lavar Johnson is not as refined in the stand-up as Shane Del Rosario. If that will be the case, there’s a high chance that Shane Del Rosario’s hand will be raised afterwards.

Andrei Arlovski vs Sergei Kharitonov

Andrei Arlovski is a former UFC heavyweight champion, and on a three-fight losing streak. On the other hand, Sergei Kharitonov can knock anyone out. Still, Andrei Arlovski can out-box Sergei Kharitonov in a decision win.

Fedor Emelianenko vs Antonio Silva

Fedor Emelianenko is noted as one of the best MMA fighter, and he’s in to bounce back from his first legitimate loss against Fabricio Werdum. That being said, he might not have that much of a problem, as Antonio Silva – though big and strong – is slow and plodding. And although there is a possibility that Fedor Emelianenko can break a hand with Antonio Silva’s big head, the Emperor can make his opponent a short work.

How about you? Who do you think is going to win in each match?

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  • mark

    On your comment regarding Silva… Although I am a big fedor fan and have been for at least 6 years, you are incorrect regarding Silva. Yes, he is big, but his striking game has grown, didn’t you see him out-box Andrei Arlovski? He isn’t the fastest guy around, but he can take a huge punch and his striking is actually surprisingly crisp. He’s dangerous.

  • mark

    I also think Arlovski will get knocked out by Kharitonov. They both like to get in close, and there is absolutely no way Andrei is going to win in that respect. He has to show me some actual power, and some head movement. His boxing is overrated as there is just no power there any more. Kharitonov first round KO

  • mark

    Oh, also I forgot to give my prediction for the Fedor fight. I think Fedor is going to jump all over him right away, as that is Silva’s weakness in my eyes. If it gets past the first round, Fedor is in trouble, as the guy has a great chin and has good endurance and knows how to use his weight. Fedor first round KIO, but I am saying this as a Fedor fan. Silva is dangerous, and underrated.

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