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Dana White: GSP is UFC’s No.1 Superstar

Written on February 09, 2011 by John Paul Vill

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"This guy is a huge superstar all over the world.” ---Dana White, UFC President

In every competition, there is a star who shine the brightest. The one who actually wins the heart of everyone—including the boss. If you’re wondering who’s the best bet in the today, is the right man to ask.

The big boss speaks of this one champion which actually received approving nods, no other than . GSP, a welterweight champ, is set to defend his belt against this April at in Toronto.

“I don’t know if you remember leading up to this fight, I was saying we don’t need to go into Toronto with Georges St-Pierre headlining. Obviously, if you have Georges St-Pierre headlining it doesn’t suck, but it worked out that way and here he is,” White commented.

“Look at the UFC, and one of the great things about the UFC is how many stars we do have. How many guys headline pay-per-views? We went up into Montreal with 2 Brazilians headlining the card. We’ve been in L.A. with Brazilians headlining the card, we’ve been to England with B.J. Penn headlining a card before, people love everybody in the UFC.”

“Georges St-Pierre, if you look at our top three superstars, I would call Georges St-Pierre No. 1. I literally think and all that stuff that started with (Wayne) Gretzky, I’m telling you right now, I’m going to say it again up here to you guys and eventually it will sink in, this guy is a monster, a superstar,” said White.

“Not just here. If I was headlining with Georges St-Pierre in Toronto, Egypt, Poland, it doesn’t matter. This guy is a huge superstar all over the world.”

St-Pierre has shown his power when he headlined on fight cards in Canada and US. His fight with Josh Koscheck even set a record by gathering of the largest pool of fans in the Philippines.

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