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Basic Muay Thai for Beginners: Elbows

Written on February 06, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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On this week's edition of Basic Muay Thai for Beginners, Fighting Insider will be bringing you the basic elbow strikes. Have you conditioned your shoulders already?

In this week’s edition of for Beginners, Fighting Insider will be giving you the basic elbow strikes used in this form of martial arts. More than kicks, knees and punches, the Muay Thai elbow should be feared. A nice elbow strike can end a fight with a knock out. If not, it can give your opponent a scar. And if that will be the case, other Muay Thai fighters will definitely aim for that spot. Hence, there are some Muay Thai events that prohibit the use of .

But no matter how powerful an elbow strike is, it has its own setback. An inexperienced fighter will be having a hard time landing an elbow strike due to its short range. Therefore, timing and range are very important when doing an elbow strike. But before learning the elbow strikes, it is imperative to have flexible shoulders. The key here is stretching. That and swimming will help your shoulders be flexible more than anything else. However, you have to bear in mind that all serious Muay Thai fighters spend years to condition their elbows. Otherwise, an elbow strike can harm themselves.

So if you’re ready, feel free to hit the play button.

1. Horizontal and Vertical Elbow Strike

2. Vertical Elbow Strike


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