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UFC 129 Opens More Seats Due to Public Demand

Written on February 05, 2011 by John Paul Vill

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"It's the same thing with Toronto. There's obviously enough room to open up more seats if necessary." ---Dana White, UFC President

This Saturday’s 126 event is sold out and now 127 proves to beat the history of promotional pre-order sales.

Despite having a bit of a dull economy, UFC still shows who’s got some supremacy over the fans. This March’s event proves the mantra while the in Toronto is planning for an expansion of seat sections. This news was happily brought by UFC President .

The UFC Fight Night 24 event takes place on March 26 at KeyArena, Seattle. Tickets went available last week. The big boss expects UFC 129 to be bigger due to the powerhouse cast behind the event. UFC 129 takes place in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

“For what we scaled Seattle for, we sold out first day,” White said. “We can open up more.”

“It’s the same thing with Toronto. There’s obviously enough room to open up more seats if necessary.”

However, this April’s UFC 129 event proves to be the hottest among the UFC events. UFC 129 features welterweight champion vs. , the show currently is configured for 42,000 seats (out of about 70,000) when tickets go on sale next week.

“This fight that we’re going to do down there, people will get the experience,” White said of UFC 129, comparing it to a recent boxing blockbuster in Texas. “The thing was, I was always worried about that until I went to Texas Stadium. I’m not knocking them. It was an incredible experience. It was great, and it made me think we could do it, but we’ll do it even better than that (in Toronto).”

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