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Royce Gracie, Possible to Fight at UFC: Rio

Written on January 24, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Yes, Royce Gracie is a retired MMA fighter. But seeing him again inside the Octagon can be another historical event for UFC.

Last weekend, President, , held a Q&A session during the UFC: Fight for Troops weight-in. talked about the odds of seeing ’s return in the Octagon for the UFC’s summer event in Rio.

“We’re actually doing a fight in Brazil on Aug. 29. It’s our first time ever going to Rio de Janeiro. We went down there to do a big press conference. [Gracie] came with us and was part of the press conference. He’s still very close to the UFC, and we talk to him all the time. He still wants to fight one more time. He’s retired right now. He’s a good guy, though. We look at him as the father of this whole thing. We’ve got nothing but respect for him, and he’s still very much involved with us.”

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