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Mark Hominick Earns a Title Shot Against Jose Aldo on UFC 129

Written on January 24, 2011 by John Paul Vill

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"I've gone through the bottom, and now I've got a chance to go against the top – the best of the best. Those are the guys I've always wanted to face." ---Mark Hominick

(20-8 , 3-0 ) proved himself in the cage last Saturday night’s event.

UFC big boss, , made clear that Hominick’s victory over George Roop earns him an April title shot at UFC featherweight champion .

“This is huge, but the thing with me, I’ve been fighting professionally for 10 years,” Hominick said following the win. “I’ve gone through the bottom, and now I’ve got a chance to go against the top – the best of the best. Those are the guys I’ve always wanted to face.”

All Hominick needed was an 88 minute shot to grab the spotlight. He dropped Roop early and Roop’s stand clearly shows his incapacity to stay for another round.

“[Roop] was looking at both sides of the crowd,” Hominick said. “He was out on his feet after the first time I knocked him down. He was fighting on instinct.

“He’s a friend of mine. I dropped him, and the fight was over. There’s no need to go in there and give him any more damage than he has to take. He was done. The ref said he was finished, and that was the end of the fight.”

“It’s never been training,” Hominick said. “I’ve always trained hard, and I’m improving everywhere. I think it’s the mental state. When I kind of had that rough patch of win, loss, win, loss, I was going into the fight so concerned about what my opponent was doing and what they were going to do to me as opposed to what I was going to do to them.

“If I was fighting a strong jiu-jitsu guy, I was going in there thinking, ‘I don’t want to go to the ground with this guy because he’s got great submissions,’ as opposed to, ‘OK, I’m going to defend his take downs, and I’m going to punch him and knock him out. That’s the type of mentality I’ve had going in now. That’s five in a row now. I haven’t lost for two-and-a-half years. That’s what’s changed – my mental state going into the fight. I’m more confident in what I can do and what I’m capable of.”

However, Hominick still have to have a lot of confidence to take down Aldo. Hominick and Aldo will star as co-headliners in the upcoming event on April. The event will take place on Ontario, Canada.

“This is the dream of every fighter – to fight for the title and to fight in front of your home province,” Hominick said. “All of those things are on my mind, and I feel that’s where I have my best performances.

“I fought in the UFC in 2006. I went up and fought a new weight class. Now I’m 3-0 in the UFC, so those are the kind of fights I perform best in. I perform in the spotlight. Being semi-main event, co-headlining and fighting for the title, that’s where I’m going to perform.”

Hominick is very much determined to take down Aldo. He’ll never go unarmed in his fight with the WEC champ.

“Nothing against Jose Aldo,” Hominick said. “I think he’s the best pound-for-pound fighter, fantastic striker. But he’s never faced anybody with my striking capability. We’ll see how he does against it.

“He’s been making wrestlers look like poor strikers, and a lot of times, that’s not too hard. He’s not going to do that to me, and I’m going in there with that kind of confidence. I know he’s the best in the world, but he’s never faced anybody like me.”

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  • Drplove

    Aldo is going to destroy him. No offence, I’ve been following Hominick since his fighting days in TKO based out of Canada. There is no chance that he will beat Aldo. No chance. Aldo is a phenom. Plain and simple.

  • Smcewan75

    Bring your best Mark and the rest will fall into place! Drplove…never count out the “underdog” when he is finally where he has worked to be! Drive and ambition is a powerful combination.

  • mark

    Hominick is just getting his hopes up and he knows it. He is outclassed, out-muscled, and will get embarrassed in this fight. It won’t last 2:00. This isn’t even close.

  • mark

    While I respect your opinion and love for the sport, (I too like the underog usually) It would defy the laws of nature for Hominick to win. It’s just not really possible. He doesn’t possess the power, or the intangibles like killer instinct. Technique doesn’t mean squat when there is no power or fury behind it. He isn’t a killer. Aldo is.

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