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UFC 126 Predictions

Written on January 15, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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UFC 126 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 5, 2011 will headline two dynamic strikers in the middleweight division. Will it be Vitor Belfort's time to shine?

at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas will headline two dynamic middleweight strikers: Vitor and Anderson . Anderson will put his 12-winning streak on the line, as he faces fellow Brazilian, . It seems that the middleweight championship fight on February 5 has all the makings of an explosive event, as both fighters possesses pedigrees of sheer dominance. But a striking bout may only be witnessed by fans, if and only if both fighters enter the Octagon with the same brilliance that they had during their prime.

must step on the mat, and approach the UFC 126 championship fight, with the tactical precision that has reigned his division for the past four years. He must challenge his contender with a myriad of kicks, knees, punches, and brutal Muay Thai clinch to keep Vitor Belfort out of balance. In addition to this, Silva must also use his elusive head movement and ability to attack at various striking angles as a fighting strategy.

Vitor Belfort, on the other hand, must unleash his hand speed and precise strikes. His key assets will definitely be his boxing prowess, slick movement and the capacity to hit first. In the end, the fighter that will be able to resurrect their former self will be victorious. However, there is a big chance that UFC 126 is Vitor Belfort’s time to shine. That is if he can bring back the 19-year-old fighter with destructive force and lightning fast hands.

Will there be a new king in the middleweight division? Share your own predictions by dropping your comments.

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  • Wyattbenton1996

    I think vitor can pull this off. I f you look at silva’s last fight he got lucky at the end cause chale took his eye off the prize because he thought the fight was pretty much done. Anderson has doubt in his head from the last fight and if the old vitor shows up it’s lights out for silva. Vitor has said he will put on his best preformance yet and anderson has not made any type of comment to that nature. I really think anderson is scared. Chale knocked anderson on his ass and vitor is so much harder it is not funny. If you look at a lot of the top pride fighters, it took them a few fights in the ufc to get back in the groove just like shogun. If vitor wants to win he should come out for about 45 seconds and dance around with some good fot work then come straight at anderson and attack with a furry of punches and knock the ever living shit out of anderson silva! Talk all you want but anderson is on his way down and vitor is just getting warmed up. He has the heart of a lion and if he brings the old vitor anderson is in big trouble. Vitor will shock the M.M.A. world on at U.F.C. 126!!!!

  • dAN

    Silva fought Chael with a rib injury…tough to fight from the bottom with that. Chael was also doped up…doping helps a ton, just look at the Olympics. Sonnen would get thrashed in a rematch. Vitor chasing Silva is just what Silva needs to win for a counterstriker. Don’t rule Anderson out based on an injured performance.

  • Punkrock 202

    chael sonnen would destroy anderson silva if they met again, simply because it’s a very bad stylistic clash. Sonnen is an olympic level wrestler, whilst Silva’s weak point is his wrestling – he doesn’t really have a wrestling background (though he still has very good takedown defence). I think Silva will outclass and outstrike Belfort and will batter him with knees while in the clinch. Belfort will have no reply and will not have good enough wrestling to take down Silva….. Silva def Belfort via TKO 3.45 ROUND 2 !!!

  • James Davies


  • Blam

    Belfort will look for a gap…then fill it with his fists. Vitor by way of brutal KO.

  • Blam

    Belfort will look for a gap…then fill it with his fists. Vitor by way of brutal KO.

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