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The 2011 Predictions for MMA

Written on January 14, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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This year definitely starter with a bang for MMA. Year 2011 started with big stories like Chael Sonnen's money laundering case, and with events like UFC 125 and the upcoming UFC 126. What's in store for MMA this year?

While people are still pre-occupied tallying up their “best of 2010″ list, or catching up with what they missed last year, it’s time to look forward and see what 2011 has in store for Mixed Martial Arts. So far, UFC has booked a couple of events until April, while Strikeforce has an upcoming heavyweight tournament. But more than that, here are Fighting Insider’s thoughts of what 2011 has in store for MMA fans across the globe.


This is the fight that most fans are waiting for. But it cannot push through because both Anderson and George St-Pierre are busy clearing out their divisions. More over, there’s also an argument on who’s going to catch-up on weight. But with fans itching for this match to happen so much, the Anderson vs George St-Pierre bout might happen soon. And who will be called the best ? That remains to be seen.

will remain the king

Skeptics question Frankie Edgar’s capabilities even though he was able to defeat BJ Penn — twice. Further more, he is not even the crowd’s favorite during his UFC 125 bout with . And though it is a draw, Frankie Edgar has a big chance to remain the king of lightweight division in the rematch. Why? Because he’s smart, fast and always improving. The year 2011 might be time for Frankie Edgar to get the recognition he deserves.

Bellator will become the number two organization

Though Bellator has played it safe, taking few risks sometimes, they will become bigger and better this year. The organization is doing something different with their events, wherein they pit winning fighters for a title match. Though Bellator seems to do the old UFC tournament days, their approach is refreshing. Simply put, Bellator is always moving forward with the right decision being made and taken. One proof of that is having a bigger network, MTV2, to air their bouts.

Of course, this is just a partial list of Fighting Insider’s for 2011. There are still questions that linger: Will Brock Lesnar reclaim his title? Or will be able to beat his demons and come back in the Octagon? This year will definitely a time for earth-shattering and game-changing events. Regardless, there will be more MMA fans that will say “I was there when that happened”.


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