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Basic Muay Thai for Beginners

Written on January 14, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Muay Thai is arguably the best striking form around today. Thanks to the popularity of mixed martial arts organizations like the UFC, people who otherwise would never have known about this, are getting a first hand look at it.

Now that Fighting Insider is done giving you some basic moves from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, next on the list is . Arguably, is one of the best striking form there is nowadays. And because of mixed martial arts organizations like UFC, people who do not know this kind of fighting technique is getting a first-hand look at it.

So if you are interested in learning Muay Thai, check out Fighting Insider’s beginner’s guide. Just remember that stuffs you’ll be reading below are just the basics. But Fighting Insider promises to bring in helpful fighting techniques in the future.

Warm Up

Warm up exercises are essential to any work-out regime. The point of this activity is to loosen up your body, and to increase the amount of blood pumped into the muscle. For Muay Thai, a 20-minute warm up will be enough. The whole routine may include a short run, jumping rope and shadow boxing. Immediately after these three activities, stretching can allow further flexibility — a thing that is necessary for the kicks that you’ll be doing.

If you’re in a gym and not sure of what stretches you should be doing, ask a trainer. Otherwise, there are some written guides on this topic. If you find any particular stretch to be difficult, hold it for ten seconds, take a few deep breaths, and do it again for another ten seconds. After stretching, a few rolling exercises must follow. You can do hip rolls or hula hoop, and making circles with your arms to loosen up your shoulders, knees, wrists and ankles.


Always remember that each workout should have a specific goal, whether you want to improve your defense or learn a new technique. What’s important is to focus on a single aspect of your style and improve it. However, you should always remember early on to keep your hands up and your elbows tucked in to protect your ribs. Make sure that you are neither too liberal nor too conservative of your goal. A month to learn a new technique, and three to master a new combo would suffice. If you need more time to learn, take it. But remember to stay on your time line as much as possible.

Cool Down

Just like the warm up, the cool down is also important. If your transition moved from intense activity directly to state of rest, your muscles will tighten and will be sore for a couple of days. And that can affect your workout. The best way to cool down is through shadow boxing. After that, stretching should follow immediately. This will allow you to break down the fight moves you did earlier. It will also ensure that your form is where it needs to be.

Now that you have the basics, more Muay Thai details are sure to come. So don’t forget to visit Fighting Insider next week!

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  • muay thai workouts

    nice nice. Muay thai for beginners is not hard at all. But it really needs time and dedication. Try it and once you are in it, do not stop. You will just learn to love it especially when you see the result in your own body and strength.

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