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Recalling UFC’s History

Written on January 02, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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UFC is always viewed as the biggest MMA promotion there ever was. But how did the promotion got this far and where it all began? Read on to find out the history of UFC.

Fighting Insider has been writing and giving news about events and its fighters. Still, some readers might be unaware what really was and how it all began. So before Fighting Insider start another year of rolling the blogosphere with endless and news, let’s visit the year that has been and recall the of the biggest promotion in the planet.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is an American Mixed Martial Arts promotion company. It hosts some of the most notable fighters in the world, and produces numerous events across the globe. As of the moment, serves as the president of UFC, while Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta heads its parent company, the Zuffa LLC. UFC held its inaugural event on 1993 in Denver, Colorado, showcasing fighters of different disciplines like Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling. The goal of the promotion is to find out the most effective martial art.

After a period of political backslash, the promotion underwent reform by applying stricter rules and gaining sanctions from State Athletic Commissions. As of 2010, UFC has gained popularity from different locations like Canada, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia due to its cable-television deal and greater mainstream media mileage. Nowadays, viewers can watch UFC event on a pay-per-view televisions. UFC performances are also available on Spike, Versus, ESPN, as well as in over 130 countries and in 20 different languages.

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