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Why UFC Ring is Called “The Octagon”?

Written on January 01, 2011 by Markham Mencken

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Fans are always seeing the UFC action inside The Octagon. But why do people call the UFC ring "The Octagon", and why is it octagon anyway? Reveal the secret by reading the article below.

Fans and spectators of any UFC events see the action inside what people call “”. Though others don’t ponder much about it, some are still wondering. Why do fans call the ”? And why is it octagon anyway?

The Octagon, from the name itself, is an eight-sided enclosure mat wherein each UFC bouts are held. Its structure is made of metal walls and chain-link fence that is coated with black vinyl. The Octagon measures 32 feet in diameter, while the fence is 5′ 6″ to 5′ 8″ high. The sits on top of a platform that is raised 4 feet above the ground. But before The Octagon becomes popular, boxing rings were used for MMA events.

The UFC Octagon was originally designed by , the founder of Ultimate Fighting Championship. SEG, the pioneer in pay-per-view television, trademarked the concept and the term “The Octagon”. But in 2001, Zuffa permitted other MMA promotions to use octagonal cages for uniformity purposes. Today, Zuffa has the exclusive rights to use the term “The Octagon”.

According to UFC President, , there are several reasons why the UFC cage is octagon. The original UFC event is conceived as a way to match styles against each other, and to find which among the techniques is the best. The Octagon was designed to avoid any fighter from having any martial arts discipline advantage. And since the angles in an octagon are wider compare to a boxing ring, there’s no chance for a fighter to get stuck in a corner with no way out.

Furthermore, fighters can use the Octagon to their advantage as well. For instance, Randy Couture is distinct with pinning his opponent against the cage wall when he is on the ground or standing. Chuck Liddell, on the other hand, is known for using the cage to prevent takedown attempts. Simply put, the UFC cage is octagon because it was designed with the fighter’s safety in mind, while providing a good view for spectators.

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  • Pembertonboxing

    What material is used for the floor covering, it appears to be neither duck canvas nor vinyl?

  • Serendipity534

    I am extremely grateful that some won took the time to post this.I believe that part of being an *Elite Fan* of the *UFC* demands that you familiarize yourself with it’s *His Story* (: and *His Story* begins *Inside The Ring* (:  *GESUNDHEIT*

  • Martin Snyman

    Thank you… Still a bit afraid of the brutality

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