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MMA: A History

Written on December 29, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Fighters came and went, promotions were merged, but people's love for MMA has never changed. And before the year ends, Fighting Insider is bringing you more of MMA's humble beginnings.

Last week, Fighting Insider has brought the reason why people love Mixed Martial Arts. For the longest time, readers were able to get news from different promotions like UFC, Pride and Bellator through this site. Names of notable fighters like George St-Pierre, Anderson Silva and Randy Couture were also mentioned a couple of times. More over, Fighting Insider has ranked your favorite fighters in different categories. But behind all of these is a rich of how began. That is why Fighting Insider will help you recall the humble beginnings of .

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a full contact combat sports that allows fighters to showcase varying techniques to compete against each other. The emergence of this sport can be traced back to various mixed style contests that took action in early 1990s throughout Europe, Japan, and the Pacific Rim. Brazil’s Vale Tudo was brought in the US by the Gracie Family in 1993, together with the founding of Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. In 1989, Shooto, a professional MMA event, was held in Japan. Later on, dangerous bouts were made safer after additional rules were implemented. As a result, Mixed Martial Arts became a regulated form of sport that audience sees today.

The term Mixed Martial Arts was coined by Battlecade CEO and President, Rick Blume, in 1995. After that, the sport gained popularity with the help of pay-per-view deals. The International Sport Combat Federation or ISCF was created in May 1999 as the first MMA sanctioning body. This was aided by certified officials and well-developed rules based from the International Kickboxing Federation or IKF, the ISCF’s sister organization.

On December 2006, Mixed Martial Arts reached a new peak of popularity in North America during the Chuck Lidell vs Tito Ortiz rematch. Following the explosion of UFC in the mainstream media, Pride FC merged with the biggest MMA promotion and WEC was purchased. Notable companies like Strikeforce, Bellator, DREAM, Sengoku and K-1 were able to present more MMA competitions as time passed.

From early 1990s up to now, the Mixed Martial Arts continue to gain popularity. And as fans, fighters and promotions welcome another year, more MMA news, events and historical circumstances will definitely emerge.


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