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Best WEC Fighters of all Time

Written on December 25, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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As WEC joins the UFC family, the biggest MMA promotion in the land just got bigger and gained great fighters. That being said, Fighting Insider is listing the best WEC fighters of all time.

Just because merged to , it does not mean that Fighting Insider can no longer give recognition to the best fighters of the promotion. Being a home of the world’s toughest lightweight, bantamweight and featherweight fighters since 2001, WEC features some of the most exciting cage warriors in Mixed Martial Arts.

Here are the of all time:


The first UFC featherweight champion showcases elite athleticism and powerful striking, enabling him to finish 11 of his 16 victories via Technical Knockout or Knockout. He got all of his wins and was able to dethrone a champion at a very young age of 23. And by the looks of it, Jose Aldo has no plans of stopping and he might be jumping from one division to another in the days to come.


At a young age of 29, Miguel Torres have 40 fights under his belt already and garnered a 17-fight winning streak, making him the pound-for-pound best bantamweight fighter in the world. He featured his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai skills inside the cage, taking down notable fighters along the way. Despite Miguel Torres’ loss against and Joseph Benavidez, he is still the most exciting fighter in the division.


Urijah Faber seems to have a shining star on the rise after the UFC-WEC merger. Anchoring a professional record of 23-3, he owns victories over , Bibiano Fernandez, Jeff Curan, Jens Pulver and Charlie Valencia.

4. Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz is distinct with his great footwork, speed, combination and takedowns. He won over Brian Bowles, Joseph Benavidez, Charlie Valencia, Ivan Lopez and Ian McCall. Dominick Cruz has a record of 15-1 and a six-fight winning streak, getting his sole setback from Urijah Faber.

5. Joseph Benavidez

Joseph Benavidez is one big underdog that can keep the mouth of skeptics shut. He is known for bringing Miguel Torres into a bloody mess, and submitted the former divisional kingpin by way of guillotine choke.

6. Mike Brown

Mike Brown was able to snatch the Featherweight title out from Urijah Faber during their first meet. Then he was able to defend the title against Leonard Garcia. Unfortunately, Jose Aldo was able to take the title away from him. Since then, he defeated Anthony Morrison at WEC 46 via submission.

7. Brian Bowles

Brian Bowles was able to knockout Miguel Torres back at WEC 42, capturing the 135lbs championship. Aside from Miguel Torres, he also garnered victories from Will Ribeiro, Damacio Page, and Charlie Valencia. More over, Brian Bowles got three wins via knockout and five by way of submission.


Donald Cerrone made an impact at WEC lightweight division with his textbook Muay Thai skills, lethal kicks and cowboy hat. He has earned himself a reputation by being one of the most exciting cage fighters in the promotion, taking home multiple “Fight of the Night” awards against notable opponents like Rob McCullough, and Ed Ratcliff.

9. Jamie Varner

Jamie Varner secured nine of his 16 victories by submission, posting wins over Donald Cerrone, Rob McCullough, and Marcus Hicks. Also anchoring his professional record is a five winning streak that was stopped by via guillotine choke.

10. Ben Henderson

Ben Henderson has solid wrestling and fight ending submissions that led him to his success in Mixed Martial Arts. Seven of his 11 victories came by way of submission, including victories over Jamie Varner, Donald Cerrone, Shane Roller and Anthony Njokuani.


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