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MMA: What the Sport is All About?

Written on December 24, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Fans and audience have their own opinion on why they love Mixed Martial Arts. Here at Fighting Insider, we also have our own reason. But despite the differences, all fans have a common denominator.

Since the first UFC event in 1993, the popularity of grew exponentially. Still, many view the sport as brutal and barbaric, and it is made solely for blood-thirsty fans. In one way or another, this idea can be true. Most audience watch the sport, not for its technicality, but also for its violent knock outs. The fact is, all major sports have and need the combination of brutality and technicality.

If you were asked why are you fan of Mixed Martial Arts, what will you say? Sure, many would say that it has something to do with how one player takes down the other. But the longer you cling on , your interest will no longer focus on the sport alone, but also on its notable fighters. However, if you just rely on what you see at face value, then you’ll never know what you’re missing.

More than what people see inside the Octagon, the cage, or in their television, there’s more to MMA than that. Inside a MMA gym or school, there’s more action than there is in the competition proper. Inside the four corners of the room, there are very talented athletes competing but working together. Be it that each fighter is contained inside a cramped headquarters, what matters to them is how to be a better fighter for themselves and for their team. They work intently on their techniques, give and take pointers from another fighter, and they strive to always give their best shot despite being exhausted.

To many fighters, it is not about the glory and fame that the sport can offer. It is about hard work, discipline and the team. Yes, the team is also part of every fighter’s success. Though a mixed martial artist relies on his own actions when inside a competition, it is his team that brought him there. Simply put, the actual event is not just what MMA is all about. It was what happened everyday during their training.

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