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The Worst MMA Fights of All Time

Written on December 20, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Enough of the best and the greatest in the year that has been. This time, Fighting Insider is bringing you the worst MMA fights of all time. And we are so sure you would rather forget what happened.

With 2010 soon to come to its end, and everybody’s making their list of everything, it is no brainer that Fighting Insider is going with the flow. But there’s just too much of the best and the greatest. So what about the worst in MMA? Fighting Insider is bringing the five of all time. Yup! You read it right — worst!

1. UFC 97: vs Thales Leites

Anderson Silva is considered as one of the best striker in the history of mixed martial arts. You’re still thinking of your next move, but Silva already got your back. That’s how swift he is. It’s like suicide whenever you compete with him. Apparently, that’s how Thales Leites thinks. While trying to fail, Silva got no choice but to invent new martial arts just to keep himself from sleeping. The bottom line: Leites is downright boring.

2. WEC 36: Paulo Filho vs

Though the current WEC Middleweight Champion that time, Paulo Filho has reasons to get worried about Chael Sonnen. That is why he came into the match fat, so that the event will become a non-title bout. Second, Filho came in drugged. While vaguely aware of receiving jabs in the face, Filho also spent most of his time mouthing words to his opponent. Even Sonnen admitted that Filho asked to lay down and rest for a bit. Surely, being inside the WEC cage, fighting Chael Sonnen, is the world’s most strangest time to take a nap.

3. Pride 23: Kazushi Sakuraba vs Gilles Arsene

After being legally killed twice by , Kazushi Sakuraba is at the rough point of his career. Hence, he needed a nice easy match against someone who is neither a gorilla nor a cyborg. As a result, Pride put him in the ring with Gilles Arsene. Arsene knew just enough grappling to hide behind his opponent’s back. And that’s what he did for the entire time. And the worst of it all, Arsene tapped even before the submission was locked in.

4. K-1 Dynamite 2005: Heath Herring vs Yoshihiro Nakao

As Heath Herring and Yoshihiro Nakao met in the center stage, the latter surprisingly kissed the former on the mouth. With rage already building up, Herring gave Nakao a punch in the chin that knocked the latter out. As Nakao pretended to be dead, Herring stormed around the ring while declaring that he is not a homo. This went on until Nakao was brought to the hospital. This caused a major problem for the promoters though. Should they call the match a draw? Should they disqualify Nakao for sexual assault? Or should they rule out Herring for regular assault?

5. UFC 5: Ken Shamrock vs Royce Gracie II

Back in UFC 5, there were no judges then. That is why the audience and the committee do not know what to do while Ken Shamrock is busy grappling Royce Gracie II down in a sweet embrace — for the whole 30 minutes. Finally, someone stand them back up to have another five minutes of real battle. But needless to say, they just went back to what they were doing earlier until the crowd just got bored and fell asleep. To those who remained awake, they heard the fight was declared draw.


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