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GSP Will Finish Koscheck

Written on December 07, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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The UFC 124 is fast approaching and George St-Pierre is putting his UFC Welterweight Championship belt on the line. Can his preparation help him to finish Josh Koscheck?

usually plays his card closer and closer to the vest. The welterweight champion is consistent in keeping his preparation and strategy a secret whenever asked. But in a conference call last Monday, lets his guards down for a while. During the course of the 45-minute call, he asserts his emphasis on finishing his brash challenger, Josh . George St-Pierre also added that he spent his time training with Freddie Roach and Roger Gracie to refine his boxing and Jiu Jitsu skills for the upcoming 124.

Knowing GSP, it will be no mystery that he’ll retool any part of his game. He is known to delay his arrival during post-fight conferences while undergoing an impromptu training with a coach. That is because George St-Pierre is eager to correct any mistakes he did during the course of the match after every fight. Having the best guys in both worlds to train him in their respective disciplines, GSP seems like coming from a complete overhaul.

Can GSP finish Koscheck at the upcoming ? Or will Koscheck snatch the UFC Welterweight Champion belt out of George St-Pierre? Share your bets on Fighting Insider by leaving a comment.

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