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Best Heavyweight Fighters of All Time

Written on December 03, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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If not because of the best heavyweight fighters of Mixed Martial Arts, cage fighting cannot be delivered to its fans. With that, Fighting Insider listed the best heavyweights of all times.

MMA is a popular fight event, and its are always a big draw. Though some have lives of their own now, it doesn’t mean that their names will no longer be written in MMA’s legacy. With that in mind, Fighting Insider listed the in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

1. Randy Couture

Randy Couture is a UFC Hall of Famer and three-time Heavyweight Champion. His superb professional record won the hearts and admiration of his fans. After his match with boxer James Toney, Couture is currently contemplating on whether to continue his fighting career or seize Hollywood stardom.

2. Frank Mir

Frank Mir is an American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master with a knockout power. He has fought many of the notable heavyweight fighters in the MMA history at a young age of 30. That being said, fans will definitely see Frank Mir sticking around for a long time.

3. Don Frye

Don Frye is a relentless fighter with an overall record of 20 wins against five losses. Distinguished by his great strikes and submission abilities, Frye has seen the Championship belt in UFC, Pride, K-1 and International Fight League. He is currently retired and pursuing his acting career.

4. Igor Vovchanchyn

Ukranian-born, Igor Vovchanchyn, is another superb heavyweight fighter with a record of forty-nine wins against ten losses. He is distinct with his runner-up status during an epic battle versus Mark Kerr. Igor Vovchanchyna left the industry last 2008 for his restaurant business.

5. Dan Severn

Dan Severn holds a remarkable record of 92 wins over 16 losses. He is a two-time heavyweight champion, one of the original superstars, a UFC Hall of Famer and King of the Cage. Severn is a master tactician, being an expert in submission and wrestling techniques. Dan Severn is no longer a MMA fighter, but he is the current president of Pride of Glory wrestling promotion.

6. Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett can boast a win over Nogueira, Couture and Severn with his great skills. With a record of 25 wins against 5 losses, he still have much to prove yet in MMA.

7. Mirko Filopovic

Mirko Filopovic is a seasoned MMA fighter with a record of 26 wins over seven losses. More over, he is also a Croatian police officer for the Anti-Terrorism Unit and a Member of Parliament. Best known for his devastating head kicks, Filopovic dominated Pride and K1 in his earlier years.

8. Mark Coleman

Though anchoring a modest professional record of 16 wins against ten losses, Mark Coleman is known with his brutality inside the ring. He is much credited for revolutionizing MMA and bringing the heavyweights to the forefront.

9. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

A Brazilian-born cagey fighter with an exceptional chin, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is a Jiu Jitsu god. His submission techniques are best in the business, making him a multi-belt champ across Pride, IFL and UFC.

10. Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko has dominated Pride, Affliction and Strikeforce. He is a multiple gold medalist in the European and World championship from 1997 to 2002. Carrying an amazing record of 32 wins and one loss, Fedor Emelianenko is a MMA master and pound-for-pound best heavyweight in the world, period.


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