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More Details Before Sonnen’s CSAC Hearing

Written on December 02, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Chael Sonnen is facing the toughest match of his life at the California State Athletic Commission. Will he succeed or will he fail his appeal in front of the authority?

A month before the , had plenty to say. He keeps on talking about his capability to dethrone in the title match. Over 20 minutes into the fight, he was making good on his pre-match boasting until Silva caught him with a fifth-round submission. Since then, remained mum as a positive precipitated.

The California State Athletic Commission released a 100 page of contention that Chael cheated in the UFC 117 bout. According to the documents, admitted to event supervisor, Frank Munoz, that he had taken testosterone a day before the match. On a section of the urine sample form, he listed one shot of testosterone. On a separate page, indicated an ingestion of six Advils, one tablet of Vitamin C, one tablet of Iron, one Multivitamin, and one Aspirin. He signed the forms under penalty of perjury, and went on to lose his title match in a heartbreaking fashion.

Based on ’s time line, Chael Sonnen’s urine sample was sent to the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory on August 10, and was tested on August 13. On September 2, the lab informed the commission that Sonnen’s Testosterone to Epitestosterone ratio (T/E) resulted to 16.9 — a number that is well above the 4.0 T/E threshold. On September 16, Sonnen was notified by the about his PEDs results. Subsequently, he was fined by $2,500 and was suspended for one year. That penalty knocked him out of a planned rematch with Silva.

This Thursday, Chael Sonnen will have a chance to defend himself against the California State Athletic Commission findings. His agenda is item number ten on a list of things that the CSAC is set to discuss. If Chael Sonnen fails in his appeal, he will be suspended until September 2, 2011.

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