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MMA Fighting Techniques of the Week

Written on December 01, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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A good MMA fighter knows how to oppose every competitor's attack. Today, Fighting Insider is sharing some MMA fighting techniques used in TUF 12 courtesy of Nam Phan of Ma Du Academy.

The Ultimate Fighting 12 is heating up, as two quarter finals match came to an end last week. This week, Fighting Insider is showing some used in courtesy of of Ma Du Academy.

1. Back Escape: Jonathan Brookins vs Sako Chivitchian

Basically, the Back Escape is used during a rear naked choke. The idea is to get free from your opponent’s attempt to choke you using his open side. By open side, it means the part where your opponent’s hands meet.

2. Bottom Escape: Nam Phan vs Cody McKenzie

The Bottom Escape is best used when your opponent tries to bring you on a take down. A fighter who can learn this escape technique by heart will be able to get his grounds after the take down.

3. Take Down Defense: Aaron Wilkinson vs Karl Watson

This fighting technique teaches fighters on the proper way to do a take down. This is also a perfect set up when trying to prevent a punch from your opponent. However, there’s a way to escape this kind of defense.

4. Secure the Back: Micheal Johnson vs Al Caceres

Grappling your opponent from his back can be a good technique, especially if you’re attempting a choke. But everything can go wrong if you don’t do the proper way of securing an opponent’s back.

5. Escaping a Ground and Pound: Sako Chivitchian vs Dane Sayers

Obviously, this fighting technique is best executed when trying to escape a ground and pound battle. Lying on the mat and being rattled by your opponent’s fist is not yet the end of the game. And Nam Phan demonstrates a good way to escape this kind of fate.

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