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Dana White Speaks of Jackson’s UFC and Movie Career

Written on November 20, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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"The reality is this is where he makes his money. The money isn't in the movie business unless you're (George) Clooney. I think he's taking it serious." ---Dana White

A few months ago , president was not pleased to put the fight between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans on hold. Now, Jackson is focused on fighting again, White believes he’ll never have the same problem.

“The reality is this is where he makes his money. The money isn’t in the movie business unless you’re (George) Clooney. I think he’s taking it serious.”

Jackson, delayed his UFC 114 fight with Evans for almost half a year in order to portray B.A. Baracus on a feature-film version of “The A-Team.” Evans earned a unanimous decision victory, and Jackson later said that he knew his chances of winning were dimmed due to the events that took place outside of the cage.

White believed that the things happened outside the octagon somehow affected Jackson’ fighting goals.

“How could it not affect you traveling that much and doing all the stuff he had to do for that movie?” White asked. “Doing this stuff is hard. You train for the fight, then you have to go out and do the media, answer the same questions over and over and over again. A movie is 10 times that. He had to travel all over the world promoting that movie.”

But after stepping into the movie scene, he returns to his bread and butter which is the UFC. He takes another headliner fight against (16-1 , 8-1 UFC), in the main event of Saturday’s “: Rampage vs. Machida” event in suburban Detroit.

White has big hopes for Jackson.

“He looked good,” White said. “The weigh-ins are tomorrow, but he looks lean. He looks like he’s in great shape.

“He can knock you out with either hand,” White said. “His takedowns are great. He can ground and pound you.

“As long as he’s focused on fighting and in his training camp doing what he needs to do, ‘Rampage’ is nasty.”

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