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Anderson Silva vs George St-Pierre as Pound-for-Pound’s Best

Written on November 17, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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The argument on who's the best pound-for-pound fighters rages on, and the title has tapped many names in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. But at the top of every name are two fighters that are writing their own legacies.

Knowing who’s the best is an elusive title, and it basically compares two fighters that has little to no chance of facing each other on the mat. Why? Simply because they have different weight divisions. While several names dot the fringe of the argument, the focus centers on two names: Anderson and George St-Pierre.

has lost only twice in his 22 professional fighting stints against Matt Hughes and Matt Serra. But he has avenged both and bested notable fighters like B.J. Penn, Josh Koscheck, Thiago Alves, Dan Hardy, Jon Fitch, and many more top-tier fighters. , on the other hand, anchors 27-4 on his record. He has 13-fight winning streak, and hasn’t lost a fight for over four years now. Along with his winning record are victories over Chael Sonnen, , Forrest Griffin, Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson and .

While most fans sit sternly on one side of the fence, either in St-Pierre’s camp or Silva’s backyard, one man is squarely at the back of Anderson Silva. And that man is the UFC President himself — . White pointed out that while St-Pierre has defeated many of the top fighters in the world, they have all been in his weight class. Anderson Silva did the same, but the only difference is that he moved up or down over the course of his career.

Fans and UFC CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta, is yearning for a showdown between Silva and St-Pierre. And albeit each fighters are ruling out their own roost, a catchweight superfight seems to be feasible. But until the fight happens, or until someone falters, the argument on who’s the pound-for-pound’s best will remain.

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