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Urijah Faber’s Plans for His Career

Written on November 10, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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A bright future is certainly coming along Urijah Faber's way, and he already have plans for it. After defeating Mizugaki on the penultimate event of WEC, he is eyeing a rematch against Dominick Cruz.

For four years, has been the face of . A long-reigning featherweight champion, he’s the only star that could rival his popularity with any counterpart. And with the news about merger, it seems like will be having his place among the elite

Still, that time will not come, until he headlines another WEC fight. And if all goes well, Faber will take on Mizugaki before gracing his way to the UFC. After that, it is possible that Faber will have a rematch to the only MMA fighter that he abhors — .

Urijah Faber’s disdain to started when they first met. Signing a poster for a charity, blatantly signed over Faber’s face — an act that Faber finds disrespectful. However, the idea of a Faber vs rematch excites him. Faber thinks that both of them are currently in a good condition, thus the rematch will be a great fight. And his biggest motivation now is to continue living his dreams

“I basically am fighting because I love it, and I have a real desire to be the best. My goal is to be a champion. Being a UFC champion is one of my longest-lasting goals and this is what I want to do with my life.”

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