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Petrosyan Captures His Second K-1 Crown

Written on November 09, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Giorgio Petrosyan once again proved that he is the best kickboxer in the world, as he won an unprecedented second consecutive K-1 WORLD MAX GP at the Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Giorgio once again won a K-1 World Max GP at the Ryoku Kokugikan. He defeated Yoshihiro by unanimous decision, capturing his unprecedented second K-1 crown.

Petrosyan and Sato came to the K-1 World Max in a roughly equal condition. But it was clear in the onset that Petrosyan has no equal in K-1. Sato admitted that he sustained more punches to the head in his quarter-final bout. His previous opponents saw nothing but defense, while Petrosyan saw gaping holes and easily picked Sato apart for three rounds. The defending champion was drawn into a slugfest, but it turns out to be one-sided. Sato collapsed to his knees and was rattled for the full round, until the final bell rang.

With ’s victory, he becomes the first fighter to defend a belt ever.  And with that, he is arguably the most dominant fighter in kickboxing today.

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