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Nate Marquardt Assures Excitement on UFC 122

Written on November 09, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Although Okami has been noted for his unfriendly bouts, Marquardt assures fans that he will find ways to win this fight. He tends to utilize the skills he learned from training.

While you guys argue who side you take in the upcoming event between middleweight cintenders and , let’s hear first what the fighters have to say. believes that his fight against Okami will prove something worthwhile. Spike TV will earn a high broadcast.

“I’m always looking for an opportunity to finish the fight and ways to damage, so this fight isn’t going to be any different,” Marquardt said.

Marquardt started his UFC career with three consecutive decision wins. He had the “Knockout of the Night” bonus with his one-punch destruction of in August 2009. But the world turned upside down when he lost last February to .

On the other side of the octagon, Okami worked closely with Sonnen in preparation for UFC 122.

“Either way, I’m prepared for him to try and [take me down], or I’m prepared for him to try and stand and bang with me,” Marquardt said.

In case the Japanese contender strikes win, he will find himself victim of Marquardt’s gargantuan blows. Marquardt said he will be the one to dominate the fight.

“When I find the openings, I’m going to hit him and hit him hard,” Marquardt said. “That’s going to make the fight exciting.”

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