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UFC and Join Forces in Airing UFC 122 in Germany

Written on November 08, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Good news for German UFC allies, UFC 122 will be aired on for free. An early holiday treat from your favorite promotion. UFC 122 takes place on November 13, 2010 in Germany.

fans from the stateside are not the sole beneficiaries of free fights from 122. UK president Marshall announced that the fight promo is counter attacking TV ban in Germany by giving a free streaming of shows. Fans can watch the 122 on .

“We think most of our fans are very Internet savvy, so it’s a perfect fit for us,” Zelaznik said.

is taking place on Nov. 13 at Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

“We’ve been through a couple of hearings, and depending on what happens at which level and who appeals what, the soonest would be around six months,” Zelaznik said, “But it could be another nine to 12 months.”

“There are networks that broadcast from within other states within Germany who have shown interest in the UFC but aren’t prepared to commit to the UFC until this lawsuit is resolved,” Zelaznik said. “So we have options that we’re waiting to take advantage of once the litigation is gone.”

The UFC first aired in Germany for “UFC 99: The Comeback” in June 2009. It was a huge success. And people loved the idea of UFC on Germany. Zelanznik said that media coverage at UFC 122 is largely more positive than UFC 99 and believes that the UFC 122 will be more than successful.

“We had a very successful event last June in Cologne,” he said. “The fights came off well. We turned the media as a result of that event in some fashion. We haven’t had near the misinformation that was out there. So I think those things, along with the continued traffic we have to our website – just the emails we get from people, and then obviously the ticket sales. I think it really speaks loudly that the reason that we’re putting the effort into Germany is (that it’s) going to be rewarded at some point.”

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