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Alan Belcher: Making a Comeback on 2011

Written on October 28, 2010 by Zac Efren

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“Whatever is soon, but when I’m ready. As soon as I’m ready.” ---Alan Belcher

It was very hard for to hang his fighter’s glove for the mean time in order to go under medication for his eye injury. “It was actually kind of sporadic, but the doctor he’s not really sure if it was one blow or what, but for some reason I had some tears in my retina and it caused it to detach. I didn’t even realize anything was happening until I was down in Brazil training for the fight, and then all of a sudden just lost most of my vision in my eye,” told MMAWeekly.

He went under the knife twice and currently waiting for the wounds to heal. However, Belcher admitted that he missed training so much. “It’s been a part of my life forever pretty much. I haven’t taken this much time off from sports and exercise in my whole life. I can’t wait.”

As for his return to the octagon, it will take some time since it depends on his performance in the training. But Belcher is optimistic about it, “I’ll return strong and win and be right back where I was, and maybe even higher.”

Belcher hopes to start getting back in shape at the start of the new year. Though he wants to be back as soon as possible, the projected time will be six to 10 weeks. “Whatever is soon, but when I’m ready. As soon as I’m ready.”

Also, Belcher is very thankful for his wife and fans who keep him motivated whenever his down and out.

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