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Cain Velasquez Reigns Supreme Over Brock Lesnar

Written on October 25, 2010 by Zac Efren

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“We did it.” ---Cain Velasquez after bagging the UFC heavyweight title

is proud to declare he is truly the first Mexican-American heavyweight champion in UFC history after defeating during .

Velasquez is confident about his every move during the brawl. “We worked in all positions even worst case scenarios. We expected him to cover up, go hard in look for the takedown, throw punches too, so we were ready for that.”

The Mexican fighter continued bringing strong offense which made Lesnar go down to his knees.

“I trained for a five round fight, that’s what I was hoping I’m always ready for that,” Velasquez said.  “I wasn’t expecting this, you can’t expect an early stoppage or a first round fight, you’ve got to train for the whole fight.”

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