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Couture: Moving On from Fighting

Written on October 21, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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At his age, Randy Couture thinks that it is probably time to shift from one career to another. And he's making his way to the Hollywood side. After The Expendables, where will Couture be?

During the in London, John Joe O’ Regan of Fighters Only Magazine was able to snatch an interview with Randy . When the UFC veteran was asked to explain further his latest comment about his career in the future, he honestly answered that he’s not sure what to do yet. But he will definitely make more movies, and he is in fact started shooting for the sequel of . And though Couture already said that he welcomes another fight, he’s no longer up for a title match.

Then when asked if acting is an easy way to make money. He answered: “I enjoy the sport, I enjoy the fighting. But it’s probably time to move on.” And if Couture will indeed pursue his acting career, he would love to diversify in any genre since “is a fickle business”. And it seems that will take the first step in hosting, as he was recently announced to be the emcee for the upcoming World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2010 on December 1, in Las Vegas.

If Randy Couture was able to flourish inside the Octagon, can he do the same in Hollywood? Share your thoughts at the comment box below.

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