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Emelianenko TKOs Couture, Sort Of

Written on October 20, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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At long last! Fedor Emelianenko locked horns with Randy Couture, but only in a virtual game. Both fighters were able to show off their fighting skills, as they experienced the newest EA Sports MMA video game first-hand.

Though Fedor Emalianenko is from a small town in Russia, it doesn’t mean that they do not have XBox in Stary Oskol. In fact, he has one in their house where he plays a bit from time to time. And to prove that he can manage a gaming console, he showed off his skills last Tuesday at Universal City Walk with . took a head-to-head fight versus in a match-up of the new Sports MMA video game. It was a spirited fight, intended to promote the new video game that hit stores today. Both fighters played their characters in the game, and Emelianenko handed Couture a brutal TKO loss. You can check out their virtual fight in the video below.

While Emelianenko saw the event as fun, Couture admitted that he is not much of a video game player. In fact, the question of the day for the 47-year-old UFC veteran are his plans of spending the coming days. There are rumors that he might pursue his acting career and leave MMA for good, but the fighter also said that he is open for another bout. Well, paychecks that is tantamount to less bloodshed and fake punches is a very attractive proposition.

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