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Michael Johnson Talks About the Phan-Paige Fight

Written on October 15, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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After four matches, Team Koscheck were able to get their first victory as Nam Phan defeated Spencer Paige. And yes, they were very happy about that. However, Michael Johnson thinks that they are over celebrating.

This week’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter is the best fight by a mile, with ’s outperforming ’s Spencer . In an interview by Michael David Smith, shares his thoughts about this week’s fight event.

The first round of the vs Paige bout was entertaining, and Spencer Paige was effective early on. However, Nam was able to turn the tables on Paige. And after two rounds, the judges declared Nam as the winner. This is Team Koscheck’s first win for the season.

“I think the problem for Spencer was just that he got his hand broken in the first round. I thought he showed a lot of heart to keep fighting with a broken hand, but he just couldn’t win the fight that way.”

But it seems like Team Koscheck was over celebrating that it bothers to the bones. For a single victory in four fights, Koscheck’s guys were already beating the wall and doing nonsense. Nevertheless, concluded that, “We conducted ourselves differently.”

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