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Mike Pyle Speaks about his British Opponent John Hathaway

Written on October 11, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Mike Pyle is the old man on the cage as he fights new comer, John Hathaway, at UFC 120 in London. This Saturday, the two will prove themselves. We will see if the new comer wins over the experienced one.

Welterweight has something to say to British fighter . Both fighters will meet at in London this Saturday. Mike Pyle was said to be the antagonist in the cage but the latter has something to say to this.

“I love that none of the fans are going to like me. That’s great. But I’m telling you, by the time I’m done with him, I’m going to capture some British fans, guaranteed. …And at least they speak English over there.”

Hathaway isn’t the best fighter, but if ever Pyle didn’t put the game in mind he might run out of the octagon carrying a loser’s banner.

“I think that’s always a concern in the ,” he said. “They’ll tell you, they got guys knocking on the door to get in there. I think if you go in there and put it on the line, you don’t lay down, then I think you’ll always have a job. I thought a lesser showed up that night. It was not the Diego that we’re all used to seeing. It made John look good. That’s it,” said Pyle. “I think he’s a basic dude. I don’t think there’s anything GSP or -like about him. I think he’s definitely a threat. He’s young. He’s got that youth and energy on his side. So he’s going to be a threat, but I’m ready for that.”

For Pyle, Hathaway is a young prospect for UFC officials. But for him there are perks in being the more experienced man on the cage.

“Experience is always an advantage. And in this sport, youth certainly has its advantages. But is not something that you can just learn in a couple years. You can get in there and perform it, but to really know and learn martial arts, you have to do the repetitions and train your body. John is what, 22 or 23? Kids that young, they don’t even know who they are yet.”

For Hathaway, it seems that Pyle is big opportunity to prove his self.

“I want that. I want him to come out with that kind of attitude and give me that kind of fight. We’re in there to fight. I’m sure he’s not going to lay down. He’s probably thinking that I’m a stepping stone and he’s just going to fight his ass off to get past me. That’s perfect. I hope that kind of fighter shows up.”

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