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Sonnen Files his Appeal on December 2

Written on October 05, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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It seems that the cards are not in the hands of Chael Sonnen. After losing from an almost perfect performance to Anderson Silva, he faces new challenges. A failed drug test might turn his career sour.

is scheduled to be at the California State Athletic Commission on Dec. 2 in Sacramento to appeal his failed drug test. This report is according to CSAC Executive Director George Dodd.

Sonnen unfortunately failed the drug test last August as a part of the 117 submission loss to . Sonnen was positive for an elevated level of testosterone which may be connected to steroid use. CSAC officials issued a one-year suspension and $2,500 fine. He has a 30-day appeal to the ruling.

According to Dodd, Sonnen was updated last Sept. 2 that there is indeed a presence of a possible performance-enhancer. A second opinion was conducted at the UCLA’s Olympic Analytical Laboratory which confirmed the results,

Sonnen requested a documentation of the test including all relevant informations from the WADA lab. All of which are for the Dec.2 hearing.

Sonnen gave a nearly perfect performance at the UFC 117 dominating Silva. Sonnen is about to embark for a rematch on 2011. However,  he failed the drug test and Silva is now up for Vitor Belfort on UFC 127 on February.

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