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Chael Sonnen Remains Silent on Drug Test Issue

Written on September 26, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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UFC middleweight champion who defeated Anderson Silva still remained mum about the PED issue. He refused to attend his MMA Live appearance and his manager just gave a few statements.

middleweight is not yet ready to discuss his issues. Sonnen has been quiet since news had erupted that he failed a California State Athletic Commission-administered drug test after his impressive challenge of ’s title at August’s 117 event.

Last Tuesday, “ Live” host Jon Anik said on his Twitter account that Sonnen will appear on the ESPN2-broadcast show to address the issue.

“I regret to inform you that Chael Sonnen will actually not be on the show tonight,” Anik said. “Unable to join us. I hate to have to tell you guys that.”

Sonnen became subject to much controversy and speculations since CSAC said that “a sample from Sonnen’s Aug. 6 drug test came back with a high T/E (testosterone-to-estrogen) level, which is indicative of anabolic steroid use.”

Sonnen’s manager, Mike Roberts, announced that Sonnen plans on appealing the results, though Sonnen is not yet ready to speak publicly on the matter.

“I don’t really know why, and anything that I’d be throwing out there, too, would really just be speculating,” Anik said. “I can tell you that Chael very much wanted to break his silence on ‘’ and made very effort to put himself in a position to do so. For whatever reason, he’s not going to be on today’s show. I don’t know if it’s because the appeal situation is fluid and maybe making an appearance on a high-profile media show would be something that might hurt his case. Maybe something he said live could be used against him. I don’t know the reason he’s not going to be on but certainly a disappointing reality for us when we arrived here this morning to tape the show.”

On the other hand, UFC President addressed the members of media after a pre-event press conference for the UFC 119. He admitted that he was indeed disappointed with Sonnen but said he would leave it all to CSAC.

“Am I disappointed?” White asked. “Yes, absolutely. But if you guys realized how much bad [expletive] I put up with on a daily basis, you almost start to get numb to it. So you move on, and Chael is going to face the consequences and go before the commission, and we’ll work things out. The big misconception that Dana White runs the athletic commissions couldn’t be further from the truth. So I have to sit back and see what’s going to happen with Chael Sonnen.”

Anik said that tonight’s “MMA Live” episode will still feature the Sonnen situation from all the possible angles, and reporter Josh Gross will join the program to share his thoughts on the issue.

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