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Sonnen’s Rough Few Months in Perspective

Written on September 22, 2010 by Markham Mencken

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Something is very, very wrong when Chael Sonnen has nothing to say. The fighter, who was lauded for a terrific 23-minute performance against Anderson Silva in early August, is now a virtual shut-in thanks to CSAC executive director George Dodd, who confirmed Sonnen tested positive for PEDS.

Best known by his trash-talking stint, it seems odd for a to remain mum on his alleged use of illegal PEDs. Promoted by an abnormal high levels of testosterone, the confirmed that Sonnen was positive for performance enhancers. To set the record straight, fighters can be permitted to use testosterone supplementation for legitimate medical reason. More likely, such supplement is used to elevate low testosterone levels to normal range. But since results for Sonnen was found off the charts, it is either has a different view of what “elevated” is or the fighter has exceeded any reasonable medical use.

A uniform state to state drug testing protocol is deemed unrealistic. It is up to the promotion and the commission to work in tandem to create a solution that will treat key bouts with their required attention. Since every fighter on the card can’t be tested, it can be better to focus on the main event and subject those fighters to examination. If a contender knows the stake of competing for a title, he would be less likely to get into the habit of using PEDs on the road.

As for Sonnen, he has two options: It is either he confess sincerely or come up with another gimmick that will deflect the attention away from the issue. There are already news that Sonnen told George Dodd that the fighter did took a banned substance prior to the Silva vs Sonnen bout. But pleading guilty goes a long way, and there is no guarantee that the CSAC exec would act on the information and pull him from the card. In that case, UFC’s real test for sincerity would come if the promotion quartered the fighter.

Scheduling a rematch, and basically turning a blind eye on the matter at hand, would not do much to prove that the promotion is anti-PEDs. It is definitely going to be a rough few months for Chael Sonnen.

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