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The Best and the Worst of UFC Fight Night 22

Written on September 19, 2010 by John Paul Vill

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Just like the fans, we also have opinions on how each fighter show off his skills. And just like any MMA fight, we have the worst and the best moments captured.

Along with other fights, The crowned the best and the worst moments. Here are highs and lows on the amazing battle:

Cole Miller

He came as an underdog at TUF 9 winner Pearson, but left with one of the two Submission of the Night bonuses and a title to put a content smile on his face. He might be a little bit premature, but he stepped out to put away the chances of his opponent for Spike TV to see. He is worth it for a step up in competition after this.

After the humiliation on the complaint that he raised while on the game about “greasy legs” of Marquardt he’s nothing. He didn’t protect neither his so called reputation nor himself during the fight. Okay, let’s all assume that the cheats were true, why don’t you wait for the break. Marquardt let you pay for the debts.

Charles Oliviera

is no boxing. Until last night, Oliviera tapped out Brazilian fighters plus one lower tier UFC fighter. His victory over Efrain Escudero is the biggest stint of his career. But more work should be done.

Definetly it’s not his fault that his opponent made a mental paranoia over the greasy legs cheat. But this is something that doesn’t propel the weights of your victory. Unfair yes, but atleast that’s victory Man! He did all the things that he need to, in order to have a victory. But someday, this will be remembered as the time when Palhares found the hard way out. Not the greatest TKO victory for Marquardt.

Jared Hamman

He lost via decision to Kyle Kingsbury on the preliminaries but Hamman became part of his second straight Fight og the Night in UFC. An extra $40,000 he got while Kingsbury brought home $100,000.

Jim Miller

Smallest of the Miller brothers, Jim seems like a fighter from another time. His physical attributes similar to an old time wrestler. And just when he wins he can’t just bring himself to call out a good fight. He only lost to Gray Maynard and Frankie Edgar. But when asked about his victory, he insists on there’s more good fighters than him. After a 5-streak win, how could you say that?

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